Simply wearing Mobius discs and pendants on your body has inevitable benefits. And you can also choose to be an active participant in the healing effects. We encourage you to experiment and build insightful relationship with your pieces. Observe the sensations and changes that may arise, and work with the changes that are evoked.

Practicing mindfulness, witnessing the difference with or without the disc or pendant is a great way to start. Are there any internal or external differences with/out the piece? Practice returning to the body. What are you feeling?

Another experiment is to place the disc or pendant on various points on your body (energetic centres, places of tension, chakras, meridian points etc.) while in meditation or inner stillness. Pay attention to sensorial shifts.

Conscious Reflections
See what it feels like to take the pendant off for a day or two.
How does this affect your emotions, vitality?
How does this affect your interactions with space?
Does it influence your daily routine/ practices?

Try placing the pendants or discs on/under things that you ingest (water, food, medicines etc.) and observe the effects. Place the pendants or discs on objects that emit electromagnetic frequencies in order to rebalance the emissions.

The discs may be used to work with intention. Our thoughts and intentions, when focused and sustained, have the power to attract experiences that align. Write your intention or a healing command on a piece of paper, concentrate or meditate on it for a few minutes, then leave it with the disc sitting on it. The disc will hold and amplify the thought "wave". You may use a written intention, a symbol or substance representing your intent.

* Please email to let us know if you come up with other practices that we can share here!