The feeling you get when out in nature, right in your pocket!

Mobius handcrafted pendants and discs are designed to increase vitality and release tensions, by bringing coherence to your bioenergy field, and synching your body with the natural vibration of the earth.

What might you notice?..............  A greater sense of calm and ease, more patience and positive outlook, more grace and spring in your step.

Modernity imposes discordant and fragmented ways of feeling and being. Internally and externally, we are exposed to patterns that are at odds with Earth’s highly ordered and coherent energy fields. Our bodies take in frequencies emitted from phones, computers, cell phone towers, and the all-pervasive electrical grid. Most of us also live surrounded by square buildings, concrete, and synthetic materials. We are grateful for the lifestyle these technologies allow, yet we can sense that they contribute to a pervasive fundamental, underlying stress.

The discs and pendants work on many levels of our being, like the intricate systems of the Earth. They will not automatically bring all the changes we want to see in ourselves or in the world, but they will assist with vitality and nurture the groundedness that is necessary for well-being and self-actualization.