Ourum handcrafted creations are designed to expand your life force and release tensions, by restoring implosion, or centripetal self-organizing force to your body, and synching your bioenergy field with the natural vibration of the earth.

Implosion is one of the primary principles through which nature harnesses energy for biological processes. Implosion can be created with scalar (double helix or dual-spin) coils, in conjunction with materials such as mono-atomic elements, moldavite and carbon C60. The copper scalar coil at the centre of the disk, together with the other materials, modulates your bioenergy field with an emulation of implosion.

What's in the name?
Aurum is the Latin word for gold, which is represented in the design by:
  • the Golden Mean, or the intrinsic mathematics of nature
  • mono-atomic gold with its life-force aligning geometric structure.
Switching Aurum to Ourum, we draw the symbol of a circle to symbolize inclusion and cycles, without beginning or end. And we pronounce the word "our", connoting our interconnectedness.

What might you notice?
  • a greater sense of calm and ease
  • less edginess and more patience
  • a more positive outlook
  • more grace and spring in your step
  • less feeling of being bombarded by noxious energy