From nebulas to a fern leaf, to tumbling water, to weather systems, to subatomic matter, to the double helix of our DNA, and the fascia tissue that connects our whole body, we can see the recurrent pattern of the spiral.

At the center of the Discs and Pendants is a scalar coil. Two conductive copper wires coiled in opposite direction, one spiraling to the center and the other to the periphery. This generates a scalar field that emulates the spiral of implosion – the centripetal, converging, self-organizing force, that the body naturally resonates with. A scalar field generates longitudinal waves, which characteristically have no direction, just magnitude, creating convergence or implosion, while normal electromagnetic waves are divergent or explosive in nature. By induction, any standard electromagnetic wave around the coil will be converted to a longitudinal wave version. Since the subtle energy field of the body is made up of longitudinal waves, it synchs naturally to a scalar field, thereby restoring natural energetic balance.

Thoughts too are longitudinal frequencies. When we concentrate, focus and sustain a thought, as in prayer, it strengthens, or densifies, the resonance pattern. So too, the scalar field generated by the coil densifies and sustains the resonance of the longitudinal waves associated with a thought pattern, thereby amplifying intent.
how they work imagehow they work imagehow they work image