engaging with the Discs & pendants image
The discs and pendants work on many levels of our being, like the intricate systems of the Earth. They will not automatically bring all the changes we want to see in ourselves or in the world, but they will assist with vitality and nurture the groundedness that is necessary for well-being and self-actualization.

Simply wear or carry Mobius Discs and Pendants on your body for the inevitable benefits.
This will naturally restore your subtle energy field to balance.  What might you notice?
  • a greater sense of calm and ease
  • more patience and positive outlook
  • more grace and spring in your step
Mindfulness: Engage with your pieces intentionally for even greater benefit. We encourage you to pay attention and observe the sensations and changes that may arise, as you go about your day.

Meditation: Or place the disc or pendant on certain points on your body while in meditation or relaxation - energetic centres, places of tension, meridian points etc. Pay attention to sensorial shifts.

Intention: The discs may also be used to work with intention. Our thoughts and intentions, when focused and sustained, have the power to attract experiences that align. Write your intention or a healing command on a piece of paper, concentrate or meditate on it for a few minutes, then leave it with the disc sitting on it. The disc will hold and amplify the thought wave while you go about your business. You may use a written intention, a symbol or substance representing your intent.