ABOUT Mobius image
mobius: as in the mathematical oddity of the mobius strip, what looks like a multi-dimensional infinity symbol..

We create technologies to support the well-being of people and planet.
Mobius pendants and discs realign our mind-body energetics so that we may be with the world and our lives more and more consciously. Our current and future explorations are in creating clean subtle energy technologies for the home, for growing food, and to vitalize water.

The creative process that goes into our products - from idea, to prototype, to testing, to design, to crafting, is done with integrity and love.

Marcel, the primary creative at Mobius, was sensitive to subtle energies from a young age, and highly intuitive. He dropped out of school and dedicated himself to deepening his knowledge and understanding about energy and consciousness, the universe and our place in it, by studying extensively in psychology, philosophy, physics, electronics, paranormal, bioenergetics, eastern wisdom and wholistic health. He embarked on a deep meditation journey, and built a practice in intuitive health counselling.

From this learning, he began inventing products that work with the self-organizing bioenergetic principles that enliven and align living beings with earth energetics. His designs are not just intellectual or mystical ideas. He has a unique ability to test the effects of the products, based on 45 years of meditation and intuitive practice.

Some of his major influences are the work of Wilhelm Reich on orgone, Thomas Bearden on scalar physics, Christopher Bird author of Secret Life of Plants, physicists David Bohm and William Tiller on the nature of consciousness, David Tansley on the chakra system, and Krishnamurti as a spiritual and ethical guide.