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technologies for renaturing being

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The feeling you get when out in nature, right in your pocket, or in your home!

Feel a sense of peace and vitality that arises from the ground up.

Born out of 30 years of studying bioenergetics, scalar physics, wholistic health, and consciousness, we create products to support the renaturing of being.

Modernity imposes discordant and fragmented ways of feeling and being. Internally and externally, we are exposed to understandings and structures that are at odds with Earth’s highly ordered and coherent energy fields. Our bodies take in frequencies emitted from phones, computers, cell phone towers, and the all pervasive electrical grid. Most of us also live surrounded by square buildings, concrete, and synthetic materials. We are grateful for the lifestyle these technologies allow, yet we can sense that they contribute to a pervasive fundamental, underlying stress.

Our products offer protection from this disorder, and a re-alignment with Earth's coherent, harmonious energy fields.

What is Mobius Innovations?

Based in Victoria BC, we create technologies that support the well-being of people and planet. Our products are designed to work with the self-organizing energetic principles that enliven and align all living beings with earth energetics.

Our initial products, Ourum pendants and discs, are focused on realigning our own mind-body energetics so that we may be with the world and our lives more and more consciously. Our current and future explorations are in creating clean energy technologies for the home, for growing food, and to vitalize water.

Our products work on many levels of our being, like the intricate systems of the Earth. They will not automatically bring all the changes we want to see in ourselves or in the world, but they will assist with vitality and nurture the groundedness that is necessary for self-actualization.

Now explore, experiment, re-vitalize, and share!

Ourum handcrafted creations are designed to expand your life force and release tensions, by restoring implosion, or centripetal self-organizing force to your body, and synching your bioenergy field with the natural vibration of the earth.

Implosion is one of the primary principles through which nature harnesses energy for biological processes. Implosion can be created with scalar (double helix or dual-spin) coils, in conjunction with materials such as mono-atomic elements, moldavite and carbon C60. The copper scalar coil at the centre of the disk, together with the other materials, modulates your bioenergy field with an emulation of implosion.

What's in the name?
Aurum is the Latin word for gold, which is represented in the design by:
  • the Golden Mean, or the intrinsic mathematics of nature
  • mono-atomic gold with its life-force aligning geometric structure.
Switching Aurum to Ourum, we draw the symbol of a circle to symbolize inclusion and cycles, without beginning or end. And we pronounce the word "our", connoting our interconnectedness.

What might you notice?
  • a greater sense of calm and ease
  • less edginess and more patience
  • a more positive outlook
  • more grace and spring in your step
  • less feeling of being bombarded by noxious energy

Simply wearing Ourum Discs and Pendants on your body has inevitable benefits, and you can choose to be an active participant in the healing effects. We encourage you to experiment and build insightful relationship with your pieces. Observe the sensations and changes that may arise, and work with the changes that are evoked.

Practicing mindfulness, witnessing the difference with or without the Ourum discs/pendants is a great way to start. Are there any internal or external differences with/out the piece? Practice returning to the body. What are you feeling?

Another experiment is to place the discs/pendants on various points on your body (energetic centres, places of tension, meridian points etc.) while in meditation or inner stillness. Pay attention to sensorial shifts.

Conscious Reflections
See what it feels like to take the pendant off for a day or two.
How does this affect your emotions, vitality?
How does this affect your interactions with space?
Does it influence your daily routine/ practices?

Try placing the pendants or discs on/under things that you ingest (water, food, medicines etc.) and observe the effects.  Place the pendants or discs on objects that emit electromagnetic frequencies in order to rebalance the emissions.

* Please email to let us know if you come up with other practices that we can share here!

To purify and enliven your living environment. 
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Mobius Innovations
Victoria, BC, Canada

Please feel free to email Marcel with any questions or feedback.