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Fundamentally the universe is energetic. We thrive when in resonance with natural energy patterns. Think of the good feeling we get when in nature, or eating fresh local food, breathing clean air, or drinking pure water.
We are the energy field we vibrate in.

Mobius handcrafted pendants and pocket discs are designed to increase vitality and release tensions, by bringing coherence to your bioenergy field, and synching your body with the natural vibration of the earth. Offering protection from the energetic disorder of modern life, and a re-alignment with Earth's coherent, harmonious energy fields.

What might you notice?.............. A greater sense of calm and ease, more patience and positive outlook, more grace and spring in your step. Feel a sense of peace and vitality that arises from the ground up.

The feeling you get when out in nature, right in your pocket!
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The discs and pendants work on many levels of our being, like the intricate systems of the Earth. They will not automatically bring all the changes we want to see in ourselves or in the world, but they will assist with vitality and nurture the groundedness that is necessary for well-being and self-actualization.

Simply wear or carry Mobius Discs and Pendants on your body for the inevitable benefits.
This will naturally restore your subtle energy field to balance.  What might you notice?
  • a greater sense of calm and ease
  • more patience and positive outlook
  • more grace and spring in your step
Mindfulness: Engage with your pieces intentionally for even greater benefit. We encourage you to pay attention and observe the sensations and changes that may arise, as you go about your day.

Meditation: Or place the disc or pendant on certain points on your body while in meditation or relaxation - energetic centres, places of tension, meridian points etc. Pay attention to sensorial shifts.

Intention: The discs may also be used to work with intention. Our thoughts and intentions, when focused and sustained, have the power to attract experiences that align. Write your intention or a healing command on a piece of paper, concentrate or meditate on it for a few minutes, then leave it with the disc sitting on it. The disc will hold and amplify the thought wave while you go about your business. You may use a written intention, a symbol or substance representing your intent.
From nebulas to a fern leaf, to tumbling water, to weather systems, to subatomic matter, to the double helix of our DNA, and the fascia tissue that connects our whole body, we can see the recurrent pattern of the spiral.

At the center of the Discs and Pendants is a scalar coil. Two conductive copper wires coiled in opposite direction, one spiraling to the center and the other to the periphery. This generates a scalar field that emulates the spiral of implosion – the centripetal, converging, self-organizing force, that the body naturally resonates with. A scalar field generates longitudinal waves, which characteristically have no direction, just magnitude, creating convergence or implosion, while normal electromagnetic waves are divergent or explosive in nature. By induction, any standard electromagnetic wave around the coil will be converted to a longitudinal wave version. Since the subtle energy field of the body is made up of longitudinal waves, it synchs naturally to a scalar field, thereby restoring natural energetic balance.

Thoughts too are longitudinal frequencies. When we concentrate, focus and sustain a thought, as in prayer, it strengthens, or densifies, the resonance pattern. So too, the scalar field generated by the coil densifies and sustains the resonance of the longitudinal waves associated with a thought pattern, thereby amplifying intent.
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The beautiful gemstone on the pendants is Moldavite, prized for its rich forest green translucent colour and otherworldly texture - and its' rarity.

Moldavite is a silica rock formed by a meteorite colliding with earth 15 million years ago - fusing and purifying extraterrestrial and earth elements under high pressure and temperature, leaving the elements in a high-spin or mono-atomic state.

It is said to be a stone of transformation and rejuvenation, indeed rumoured to be the Holy Grail. In our experience, it does help balance all the chakras and in particular opens the heart chakra – essential for building compassion, love, trust, and connection.
Moldavite’s unique aesthetic captures the imagination, connecting us with the mysteries of the universe.

The disc, due to size of the coil and mass of the modulating material, generates a stronger and broader field.  Thus it is good for meditation and intention and working with pain or specific energetic blockages. The Disc is also made to have versatile use, carried in the pocket or placed on a table with a picture and written intent. 

The Pendant, with the moldavite stone, is made to resonate with the heart chakra, which is the great balancer, strengthening our ability to love. With the coil it also helps our overall energy body to be aligned with natural energy patterns. 
No, the scalar coil works 360 degrees and will resonate with the surrounding field any way it faces. It works the same whether it is in its’ pouch or in your pocket or on the skin.
Not at all! The Discs/pendants are designed to be self-regulatory. They will bring your system to its highest integrity, and no more. So there is no issue or risk to wear them all the time. For additional benefit place the disc intentionally where specific attention is needed. 

There may come a time when your energy field is saturated and you no longer  notice the effects. However, this means your energy field has normalized to the harmonious resonance of nature. 
The Discs and Pendants are made with algae-based Ecopoxy resin. We chose it because it is non-toxic and not fossil-fuel based. This means they need a bit of extra care. 
  • Keep the disc in its’ pouch away from UV when not in use.  
  • Avoid showering or bathing with it. Overtime the hot water will degrade the resin. 
  • We’ve mistakenly put ours through the washer or dryer on occasion, and they survived, but obviously that is to be avoided.
  • Overtime, they may lose their sheen, but will function just the same. Think of them like your favourite perfectly faded jeans.   
The discs and pendants don't need to be cleared, they are self-cleansing by the design.
Yes, by strengthening the resonance of your natural energy field you are less susceptible to electromagnetic pollution. 

Electromagnetic pollution is the cumulative emissions from electrical devices such as computers, cell phones, electrical appliances, cell phone towers, power lines, now EV cars, etc. These emissions can have harmful effects on human biology. Studies have shown that exposure can affect our sleep patterns, cause headaches, fatigue, and increase the risk of cancer, reproductive problems, and neurological disorders. It is also believed to interfere with our natural circadian rhythm, negatively impacting our health and well-being.

Further research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms by which electronic smog affects human biology. A theory is that electromagnetic radiation interferes with the natural electromagnetic field within the body, disrupting normal cellular function, leading to DNA damage, as well as disrupting the normal function of the nervous system. If we consider subtle energy fields, then it is even more complex. 

What can we do?  Limit your exposure as much as possible. Find ways to ground electromagnetic fields. Use products such as ours to counteract the emissions by creating resonance circuits of natural energy patterns and frequencies.  
Simply wearing the pendant or carrying the disc will have inevitable benefits, intention is not necessary but of course helps a lot.  in terms of supporting your resonance and alignment with the harmonious energy patterns of nature.  
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mobius: as in the mathematical oddity of the mobius strip, what looks like a multi-dimensional infinity symbol..

We create technologies to support the well-being of people and planet.
Mobius pendants and discs realign our mind-body energetics so that we may be with the world and our lives more and more consciously. Our current and future explorations are in creating clean subtle energy technologies for the home, for growing food, and to vitalize water.

The creative process that goes into our products - from idea, to prototype, to testing, to design, to crafting, is done with integrity and love.

Marcel, the primary creative at Mobius, was sensitive to subtle energies from a young age, and highly intuitive. He dropped out of school and dedicated himself to deepening his knowledge and understanding about energy and consciousness, the universe and our place in it, by studying extensively in psychology, philosophy, physics, electronics, paranormal, bioenergetics, eastern wisdom and wholistic health. He embarked on a deep meditation journey, and built a practice in intuitive health counselling.

From this learning, he began inventing products that work with the self-organizing bioenergetic principles that enliven and align living beings with earth energetics. His designs are not just intellectual or mystical ideas. He has a unique ability to test the effects of the products, based on 45 years of meditation and intuitive practice.

Some of his major influences are the work of Wilhelm Reich on orgone, Thomas Bearden on scalar physics, Christopher Bird author of Secret Life of Plants, physicists David Bohm and William Tiller on the nature of consciousness, David Tansley on the chakra system, and Krishnamurti as a spiritual and ethical guide.
Mobius Innovations
Victoria, BC, Canada

Please feel free to email Marcel with any questions or feedback.